About Us

Vischarge® The future of mobile advertising platform and brand attention

We are the world leaders for premium mobile phone charging stations with offices in Canada, US, UK, France, Germany, Ireland,  Switzerland and South Africa.
We provide brand value creation and mobile advertising while keeping your clients connected and charged up. The energy efficient fast charging technology is simple, practical elegant and affordable.
  • We will bring you custom design ranges to meet our specifications
  • We know how to save you time and money
  • We have the knowledge base and experience for your project
  • We will bring you a great supply chain within Europe
  • We bring you a premium mobile phone charging solution

What's new in Vischarge®

Value creation, make a difference to your brand and be the most customer centric company.

Deliver our premium phone charging solution and becoming the most admired for our staff, partnership and performance.

Continuous development of the platform and technology advancements.

Extremely Skillful

At brand value creation, keeping your clients connected using our energy efficient fast charging technology.

VisCharge® Micro 8 Pin, Micro 10 Pin and Micro 12 Pin Cable
Secure Phone Charging Station
Wireless Locker Phone Charging Station
Custom Design and Options

Meet our Leader

Vischarge Group

Entrepreneur, investor, author, philanthropist, and co-founder of Vischarge Europe and America.